Court upholds $25K for N.J. woman subjected to ‘n-word’ in the workplace

TRENTON — A state appeals panel has upheld a $25,000 award to a Carteret woman who was subjected to racial slurs and sexual harassment while working for a New Jersey construction company. The company, Dane Construction, and its owner, Pat Buckley, hired Shi-Juan Lin in 2008 as a bookkeeper and secretary. According to court records, Buckley… Continue reading

White House welcomes Ted Cruz to Obamacare

The White House said Wednesday that Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, a big opponent of Obamacare, will learn to enjoy the benefits of the program. “If those reports are true, then what he will find is the same thing that millions of Americans across the country have found, which is that there are good, quality,… Continue reading

Walker’s Immigration Flip-Flop May Face Scrutiny In Arizona

The Arizona sun may not be the only heat Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will face on Wednesday as he addresses the Arizona Chamber of Commerce in Phoenix as a possible Republican candidate for president. Earlier this month, Walker acknowledged a change in his thinking on an issue more pressing to Arizonans than residents of his home… Continue reading

On 5th anniversary of health care law, no end to debate

WASHINGTON (AP) – When President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act five years ago, he visualized a time when the political hyperbole would be silenced and ordinary people would see that the health care law improved their lives. The White House ceremony on March 23, 2010, was an applause-filled celebration. “When I sign this bill,”… Continue reading

Wisconsin Soapbox: The Revival of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin

If you have a chance, you all should click over to Wisconsin Soapbox and read his excellent piece about how to bring about the revival of the Democratic Party in Wisconsin. Here’s a snippet.

Wisconsin Democrats for so long were not a viable party. Sans wave years in 1932 and again back in the early 1890’s (thanks Bennett Law), they had not held the Governorship and were woefully underrepresented in the legislature. In fact, they clung to traditional political conservativeness and general aloofness into the 1930’s, where many state Democrats weren’t even operating on the same general platform or set of ideas as President Roosevelt. (That was when the Progressive Party of Wisconsin was strongest.) By the 1940’s, and with the Progressives really being a party of the La Follette’s, Socialists and Progressives began realizing that the national infrastructure of the Democrats and lack of strong leadership in Wisconsin was ripe to be utilized.

Beginning in 1948 the party began revitalizing their ground-game and had a group of organizers who helped realize success with William Proxmire a decade later. (Names like Doyle Sr, Lucey, Hoan, to name a few…) The turn-around of the DPW was a decade long process, but it was one with long-range vision. Democrats still lost in 1950, 52, 54, and 56, but they kept building, and building, and building. They even had an ill-fated recall election of Sen. McCarthy.

I’m just saying, HISTORY MATTERS!!!

When the Democrats finally did put up equal challenges to the Republicans in the late 1950’s and 60’s, it was mostly in state and national races. Historically, Wisconsin may be a purple-state for President, but we have been a Republican state in the legislature. It’s just that simple. This brings us to the next point…

In order to revitalize the DPW, we need to develop a long-range plan like those visionaries in the late 1940’s, but we also need to use the data, computer analytics, and statistics of the 21st Century to develop those long-range plans. In an age of Citizens United money, we can’t just throw money at our problems, which means we have to be strategic with how we budget for candidates. It also sadly means we may have to admit as a party that it takes money to win elections. That is a bitter pill to swallow.

Author – Zach Wisniewski
Originally Posted on BloggingBlue

Will Ted Cruz Continue To Utilize Convicted Felons For His 2016 Campaign?

With the announcement by Ted Cruz that he is launching a bid for President of the United States in 2016, we would like to query him on his use of Ali Akbar, who is a convicted fraudster who was convicted of numerous felonies in Texas, in his up and coming campaign for 2016. The question is… Continue reading

The Silver Lining Behind Moorlach’s State Senate Win

Former County Supervisor John Moorlach, outspent and outgunned, pulled off an upset victor over State Assemblyman Don Wagner in Tuesday’s special election for SD-37. In an ideal world, Democrat Louise Stewardson would have mustered enough write in votes to win but she still managed a respectable amount to Naz Namazi who was on the ballot. There’s wasn’t much of a protest vote against either of the major Republican candidates because this election was worse than the First District supervisor’s race in terms of turnout.

Some silver linings:
•Wagner will finish his last term in Sacramento and come up to resume his private life, unless he decides to run for Irvine city council or school board.
•Wagner’s loss puts Harry Sidhu’s fast tracked Assembly campaign on hold until the 2016 election; Irvine mayor Steve Choi, a oft-mentioned opponent, will have to decide to run for assembly or another spots as Mayor or City Council.
•Republicans spent silly amount of money on behalf of Wagner.
•Moorlach isn’t universally loved by his own party, let alone Democrats; he’ll be seated at the kid’s table and won’t get a lot of support from either party and he won’t have nearly the pull he had while a member of the BoS.
•The finger pointing at Wagner’s consultants has already begun.
•I don’t believe a Democrat has ever held this State Senate seat, so not having a candidate on the ballot is hardly a sin for the DPOC that bitter ex-DPOC vice chair Greg Diamond says it is.
•Louise Stewardson’s write-in campaign did garner attention to her as a candidate for some future office, whether its the Huntington Beach city council or the state assembly seat. She’s a good person with the right ideals and the DPOC should embrace her next race.
•Wagner now occupies “lame duck” status sooner than any assembly member elected in 2014; he’d do well to make sure the Irvine Planning Commission and Mayor Choi don’t screw up the Veteran’s Cemetery and Memorial.

Author – Dan Chmielewski
Originally Posted On TheLiberalOC

Some U.S. Republicans soften stance on marijuana

WASHINGTON—The new face of the marijuana movement is a Bible-quoting, ObamaCare-loathing, pro-life and pro-gun Republican who campaigned on a promise to protect “East Texas family values.” God, state Rep. David Simpson says, didn’t create cannabis for government to come around and ban it. Surprising his Tea Party backers and everybody else, Simpson introduced a marijuana legalization… Continue reading

Ann Coulter Hearts Scott Walker

Ann Coulter did some attention seeking on “Good Day LA,” where she opined on the current slate of GOP presidential wannabes, and gave a half-hearted shout of support for Scott Walker, although she is still pining away for Mittens: “I hate them all except Scott Walker and my only issue with Walker is – and it… Continue reading

Author Stephen King Slams His Tea Party Governor

Phenomenally popular author Stephen King is a resident of Maine – and has a few choice words for Governor Paul LePage: Governor Paul LePage of Maine likes to be provocative, and sometimes he says things that are untrue. The latest misstatement, reported Thursday by the Portland Press Herald, came during the governor’s weekly radio address, when… Continue reading

Senate Republicans must remember intent of anti-trafficking proposal

Members of the U.S. Senate are making a mockery of important legislation to help victims of human trafficking. If Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., doesn’t intervene, he risks much-deserved criticism his caucus is bandying women’s health issues around for political gain. U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, poisoned the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, a bill… Continue reading

UC President Janet Napolitano Calls Students’ Protests ‘Crap’, Walks Out On Them

I sure hope Janet Napolitano doesn’t think she’s running for office again, because her tenure in California as UC President has been an absolute disaster, and tonight she sealed her fate when she walked out on student protesters, calling their claims ‘crap.’ “Let’s go. We don’t have to listen to this crap.” That was the reaction… Continue reading

Nevada Lawmaker Says Racism Is Over, Praises Democrat As First ‘Colored’ Grad From His School

src=”//”> Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R) followed the Supreme Court’s lead and suggested that racism is over, so opponents should no longer be “using the race card.” She said that just before using an offensive racial term to describe an African American colleague. Think Progress reports: According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Fiore objected to… Continue reading

Rand Paul emerges as the harshest GOP critic of Clinton emails

Sen. Rand Paul has emerged as the chief Clinton critic within the likely 2016 Republican presidential field, firing barbs against the former secretary of state and her husband as he tries to lead the attack on Democrats’ presidential front-runner. The freshman senator walloped former President Clinton a number of times last year, including casting him as… Continue reading

Fox Guests: ‘Racially Polarized Population’ Helping Dems Win Elections

Hannity’s interview of black person-hating, black person, Kevin Jackson and the former D.O.J. attorney and PJ Media contributor/paranoid person, J. Christian Adams was edited in such a way that the average racially hostile Fox News viewer would fear those scary black people even more. Sean Hannity was in typical form, vilifying Mike Brown and Dorian Jackson… Continue reading