Time To Really Honor Our Nation’s Bravest

Today is supposed to be about honoring the men and women that have served our country and sacrificed so much to keep us safe from the enemies that this country has in the world, it’s not supposed to be about grilling out or spending the day on the beach or enjoying an extra day off for the weekend. With all of that being said, it’s a disgrace that we even pretend to honor out veterans , when we have allowed 300,000 of them to go homeless with nowhere to go, with another 1.4 million at risk of being homeless also. Continue reading

Jade Helm 15, And The Wacko Republicans!

When an audience member asked Al Ringgenberg, an Iowa Republican who is also a retired Air Force colonel at saturday’s Iowa National Security Action Summit about the right-wing Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theory, wanting his thoughts on whether the U.S. military is using closed Walmart stores as part of a nefarious federal government plot in the South, Riggenberg did not dismiss her fears about the training exercises. Continue reading

Christie to unveil national economic plan in New Hampshire today

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Gov. Chris Christie is returning to New Hampshire Tuesday to deliver his second policy speech here in the lead up to a likely 2016 presidential campaign. The governor is scheduled to layout his plan for economic growth in the country during a speech at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester. It comes… Continue reading

Teamsters Applaud Senate Defeat of Cloture for Fast Track Bill

Congress Must Put the Brakes on Trade Promotion Authority, Trans-Pacific Partnership WASHINGTON, May 12, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The following is the official statement of Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa on today’s defeat of a vote for cloture on the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill. “With today’s defeat in the Senate of a vote for cloture on… Continue reading

Bankers Push Back Against Bernie Sanders’ ‘Too Big To Fail’ Legislation

Poor bankers. It must be so stressful, worrying about Democrats cutting into their insane profit margins! Hopefully this campaign can give them something to worry about. The Hill: Wall Street is worried that Sen. Bernie Sanders’s vigorous calls for banking industry reform will pull Hillary Clinton to the left, as the two presidential candidates battle for… Continue reading

Another Walker Talking Point Blown To Smithereens

When Scott Walker was running for governor in 2010, one of his campaign slogans was that he would spend our tax money like it was his own. To connive people into thinking that he was all about austerity and frugality, he would brag about driving in an old, beat up Saturn and taking bag lunches to… Continue reading

Why I support Bernie Sanders in 2016

I have been a Democrat my entire life and have always voted for a straight Democratic Party ticket in every election that I participated in since I was of voting age, Bill Clinton was my first Presidential candidate that I supported, but I have always believed in the ideals of the democratic socialist movement and have been wishing that a man or woman would come along and help advance that movement here in the United States of America. Continue reading

Cruz Channels Goldberg, Says ‘Liberal Fascism’ Targets Christians

Teddy’s at it again, blaming teh gays for an epidemic of so-called “liberal fascism” targeting Christians. First, he’d like to claim all Christians as Republicans. At least four of us living in my house aren’t going to jump ship anytime soon, so to me this is just a specious claim. “Today’s Democratic Party has decided there… Continue reading

Texas Republicans Divided On Immigration Reform Bills

Texas’ Republican legislators remain divided on a series of immigration measures. Attempts to pass bills in both the House and Senate have met with gridlock amid a divide between hardline conservatives and its more moderate GOP members. The state’s moderate Republicans say harsh immigration crackdowns are unnecessarily divisive and could alienate Hispanic voters from the GOP,… Continue reading

Boehner Admits Not Enough Votes To Kill Iran Deal

John Boehner says Congress doesn’t have the votes to kill the Iran nuclear deal. Speaking at an off-the-record event Saturday at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s meeting in Las Vegas, House Speaker John Boehner told the audience that he didn’t expect that more than two-thirds of Congress would vote to overturn a veto from Obama if Congress… Continue reading

Climate Liars Going To Rome To Try To Change Pope’s Mind

Boy, they really are worried about this pope’s influence. What if he actually got people to stop believing climate change was a hoax? What would happen to their paychecks? By the way, the Pope happens to have a masters degree in chemistry, so they’re going to have to argue with someone who actually understands science: You’ll… Continue reading

Pelosi Slams House Over Opposition To DC Anti-Discrimination Law

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., slammed House Republicans on Tuesday over a committee’s decision to consider overturning a Washington, D.C., law that prevents employers from firing workers over their use of birth control or other reproductive health decisions that go against the company’s views. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is scheduled to consider… Continue reading

Rick Snyder is not going to run for president

Our benevolent overlord Rick Michigan has created another slush fund, which people are saying might be a sign that he will get into the GOP clown car of presidential aspirants. This is the second of today’s posts of “Things that are not going to happen.” Continue reading

Video: Obama Says There Is ‘No Greater Threat’ Than Climate Change

President Barack Obama used his weekly address on Saturday to put the reality of climate change in particularly stark terms. “Today, there’s no greater threat to our planet than climate change,” Obama said. “Climate change can no longer be denied, or ignored.” “This winter was cold in parts of our country, as some folks in Congress… Continue reading

Marco Rubio ramps up Iran rhetoric as Congress acts for say in deal

Sen. Marco Rubio polished off his first week as a 2016 candidate Sunday by saying Iran could face war unless it abandons all hope of developing a nuclear bomb, offering a dose of tough talk days after congressional Democrats struck a deal with Republicans to give Congress a say over an emerging deal between the Islamic… Continue reading